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While the sessions will be streamed on Facebook and on the Conference website  voting members MUST use the Zoom link that was sent to them in order to fully participate and vote. If they didn't receive a Zoom link, they should contact Sarah Vollmer at [email protected].

Links for LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEES (Tue & Wed night sessions) will be sent out on March 25 (with reminder emails sent 1 week before the event and 1 hour before the event).

Links for CLERGY SESSION (June 3 at 12:30PM) will be sent automatically on June 1.

Link for all other sessions will be sent automatically, if registered by May 21.

Steps for caller to get to the conference booklet PDF: 
2) Click on Preparation
3) Click on Annual Conference Materials
4) Click on the image of the booklet to view/print/download the PDF 
Steps for how to use the QA (Chat is disabled.)
1) Confirm that your Zoom screen name is your first and last name.  *If not, go to your My Profile settings to Edit your display name or use QA to ask the proctor to change your name from what it is displaying to your full name.  There are over 1400 attendees so it is important to have your full name display and not a nickname. 
2) Then, click on the QA button at the bottom, middle of your screen.
3) Type one of the 4 key phrases: Question, Speech For, (or Speech Against), Point of Order, Request  so the correct chair is notified. 
See page 10 of your booklet for more information about the phrases.
4) Wait for the Proctor to receive your request and then send it to the Chair.  When the chair acknowledges your request, click the Raise Hand button to move your Zoom name to the top of the QA list that the chair is watching and wait for the invitation to unmute your microphone to speak. 
5) When the unmute prompt appears on the screen, click the unmute button and start speaking the required information as stated on page 10 of the booklet.  If you cannot be heard, check your Audio Settings (page 9 of your conference booklet).
Side note:  Polls will appear on the screen for the time allotted automatically for voting, etc.
2021 Michigan Annual Conference