Annual Conference Materials

Document files

Everything you need to be prepared

Voting materials, legislation, equalization members, everything you need to prepare for annual conference can be found here for review or download. 

2021 Legislative Program Guide and Ballot

Arriving in your mailbox by May 21. Please contact the Conference Registrar if your copy has not arrived. Click image to download.

2021 AC Program Guide

AC 2021

Resolutions to the Annual Conference

Voting items presented to the Annual Conference will be posted here.

2022 Annual Budget

Budget presented by the Conference Treasurer and the Council on Finance and Administration for review and vote.

Michigan Clergy and Lay Equalization 2021

Per Discipline, an equal number of Clergy and Lay Members attend annual conference.  This document reports Clergy and Laity equalization numbers for 2021 and explains the numbers.

Nominations Report

Those nominated for conference leadership in the coming year. This report will be presented during the Virtual Annual Conference Plenary on Friday, June 3.

Rules of Order/Plan of Organization

The 2018 Annual Conference adopted a plan of organization for the new Michigan Conference. They contain the Rules of Order that govern our time together at Annual Conference. 

Volume 1: Historical Reports

Reports from Boards, Agencies, and other United Methodist related organizations.

Statistician Report

Reporting from all local churches. This report will be brought for a vote of acceptance at Annual Conference.